Dr. Dimitrios Efthymiou

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Dr. Dimitrios Efthymiou holds a 3-year post-doctoral research position and is a permanent member of the Centre for Advanced Studies 'Justitia Amplificata’ at Goethe University in Frankfurt that is funded by the German Research Foundation. Dimitrios has a PhD in Political Theory from the European University Institute and an MRes in Social and Political Sciences from European University Institute. Dimitris also holds an MPhil in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University and a first class BA in Sociology from Goldsmiths College. He has taught at the University of Southampton, University College London and he has spent time as a visiting scholar at Oxford University and the University of Helsinki.


Dimitrios is principally interested in normative political theory and has a particular interest in its feasibility conditions and application. Other research interests include: the role of state responsibility in theories of international justice, EU immigration as a case of transnational justice and European solidarity, the relationship between goods-oriented approaches and domination-based accounts of injustice, environmental justice as well as the relationship between equality and legitimacy.



Dimitrios currently offers two seminars at Goethe University: “The Political Theory of the EU” and “Ethics and International Relations”. He has taught a variety of courses and seminars in politics and political theory over his career. These include: “Global Justice: debates and issues”, “Global Ethics”, “International Political Theory”, “History of Political Thought”, “Issues in Politics: climate change, human rights and citizenship”, “International Justice and International Law”





“The Normative Value of Partisanship: When and Why Partisanship Matters”. Paper accepted for publication at Political Studies. 

“Sen’s Idea(l) of Justice”, Jurisprudence, 5(2) (2014) (with a reply by Amartya Sen in the same issue).

“Climate Change, Human Rights and Distributive Justice” Finnish Yearbook of International Law, Volume 20, (2011) pp. 111-142.

“Equality and Legitimacy by Wojciech Sadurski”: A critical Review. European Political Science, Volume 7, (4) (2008), pp. 411-421.

In Preparation


“EU migration, Transnational Justice and Solidarity” 

“Three worlds of Social Justice in and across the EU”

“No coercion without justification: why Europe needs a robust principle of Solidarity” 

“Respect as a robust good: an indeterminate and idealised good or a primary and intrinsic good?

“State Responsibility and International Exploitation”

“What it takes to resist to Exploitation” 

“How Much Political Stability Is Too Much?” 

“Ideal theory and nonideal theory: an operationalisation” 

“Ideal theory and Objectivity” 

“Partisanship: when and where the facts matter” 

buy viagra no prescription canada“Partisanship as a Civic Duty”


“State responsibility in the EU: A normative theory”. Book proposal.

“Taking People as They Could Be: From Ideal Theory to Political Practice”. Book manuscript based on my PhD thesis. 


“Why Reciprocity Matters”: four comments on the Simon Caney’s Equality for All, discussion paper presented at the workshop on ‘Equality for All’ at Goethe University in Frankfurt in January 2017.

“EU migration, Transnational Justice and Solidarity”, paper presented at ECPR’s General Conference in Prague in September 2017.

“Why a basic rights guarantee is not enough: A comment on Gabriel Wollner’s paper on Agency, Agreements and Sovereign Debt’, discussion paper presented at the conference on Europe Today: Normative Challenges at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften in Bad Homburg in July 2016.

“Respect as a robust good: an idealized good?” at the Justitia Amplificata workshop on Philip Pettit’s the Robust Demands of the Good at Free University in Berlin in July 2016.

“Resisting Exploitation”, paper presented at the ASPP conference on ‘Rebellion, Resistance, Revision’ at the LSE in London in June 2016.

“Revisionism as infidelity: Comments on Jonathan White’s ‘EU Revisionism and the Rise of the Emergency Imaginary’, discussion paper presented at the workshop on Beyond renationalisation and parliamentarization: what ways to overcome the EU’s crisis of democratic representation? at Goethe University in Frankfurt in June 2016.  

“Transnational Justice, EU immigration and Reciprocity”, paper presented at the workshop on Labour migration at Goethe University in Frankfurt in May 2016.

“Transnational Solidarity in the EU and Reciprocity: A minimalist vs. a maximalist approach.” Paper presented at the Prague Colloquium in Prague in May 2016.

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“Exploitation, State Responsibility and the EU”, paper presented at the Justitia Amplificata workshop at Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften in Bad Homburg in February 2016.

“Comments on Yuri Viehoff’s Systemic Financial Risk” presented at the workshop on Finance, Taxation and Global Justice at the Ethik Zentrum in Zurich in September 2015.

“Transnational and International Solidarity: Reciprocity and Responsibility”, discussion paper presented at the workshop on Andrea Sangiovanni’s book manuscript on Humanity, Reciprocity and Solidarity at Justitia Amplificata at Goethe University Frankfurt in May 2015.

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